Sunday, January 29, 2017

Week 1 Homework

Hey Class,

It was great to meet everyone yesterday. I hope you guys are just as excited for the work you guys will do this term as I am. Here are the lecture notes from class as well as the HW:

Lecture Notes:

1. 8.5x3in Name tag
2. Title/Intro Page for your chosen project - this should include the
   B)Short brief about the Intellectual Property
   C) Short brief about your spin/add on to the Intellectual Property
3. Research/inspirational images that will represent your project.
4. Characters - You will be designing 3 characters this term (Protagonist, Antagonist, and Character of your choosing). For each character you will need
   A) On one page, use 1/2 the page for the description of your character paired with an original
         image of the existing character and the other half page with very curated images that
         describe and inspire your design for said Character
   B) 1 Page of 20 Silhouettes per character (I changed it from 15 to 20) - when working on your silhouettes, consider the 3 P's. Don't worry about it being boring or not. Be intentional in your designs. You should be able to tell us a different thought process/facet about your character in each design.
5. Shape break down of a favorite character of your choosing (does not have to relate to your project) and the ratio of triangles, circles, and squares.
6. Bring 2 pieces of your work to show the class. 1 that shows your best illustrative abilities and 1 that shows your best design sensibilities.

All prints should be 11x17

Last, be ready by 10am. Please come early to have all your work posted on the walls before class starts and be prepared to present your project to the class.

If you have any questions, post it on this blog.

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