Friday, February 24, 2017

Homework Week 2-3

Video on breaking into the industry

There is some good wisdom in this video. Check it out and let me know your thoughts and concerns with what he says. I'm curious from your student point of view.


Hey class,

Just a reminder that there will be no class tomorrow. Continue to work on your characters and post them on the blog.

I will be doing crits/paintovers online for you this upcoming week to compensate the missing day.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Response for Dave

Hey Dave,

Hopefully these few pages will clarify what you (and everyone else) should be doing and the thought process to go with it. I know it can be confusing and a lot to digest, but if you're not understanding the goal of each assignment, then ask me. I want to address any confusion and push you to make strides in your ultimate goal of learning to design for video game/movies.

 In between these two steps, you should find inspiration of more specific images that evoke the qualities that you want to instill into your character.

Not all ideas are good, but this exercise is where you visualize ALL your thought processes and use your skills as an artist to decipher what works visually or not and continue to make those revisions and refinement towards your idea of who/what this character is.

Kevin Fleeman wk 1-4

I'm a dummy who was posting to the wrong blog for 3 weeks.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Dave King Homework

First, i'd like to say that i take this class very seriously, but, like last term, sometimes i have to make paying jobs and commissions a priority. We all gotta pay our bills, right? but aside from that, this type of design work is out of my comfort zone and i'm not really not used to doing it, and that's a very good thing, especially since i want to get into concept design for movies and video games, so doing this homework is very important to me.

I still feel i haven't entirely wrapped my brain around exactly how i'm suppose to be thinking when i create these pages... like entirely different character types or just different costumes and accessories on the same character.

so, here's what i got so far.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Week 4 HW (Midterm)

Hello everyone!

The above image is your homework for this week. However, the difference is that for this week only, you will post your work on the blog, so that Albert will be able to do proper critiques and paintovers for your characters and props. Treat this as taking an online class (i.e. CGMA). 

To clarify on the specifics of the homework...

- Final,tight line art only for both characters and props. You may do call-outs if necessary, but the whole design should simply speak for itself for visual clarity's sake.
- You are not required to color your characters nor do turnarounds either (in fact, having the line art alone is enough). However, if time permits, you may do so if necessary (examples below).
- The character line up should reflect the actual scale of each other, so please have the page dedicated for that.

Examples (Line Art only):

(Note that you do NOT have to do turnarounds. Only the front line art! If time permits, you may do so.)
(Color example)

(Character Line Up)

As always, please either post on the blog or message either me or Albert via FB or email if you have any questions/concerns about your project.

Good luck!

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Class timeline update:

Hey class, so I was notified today that I cannot extend the class for two weeks. Again, i'm sorry for having to miss out on so many physical classes. Here is what I can do though. I can extend the class by 1 physical week, so we will end up doing that and for the other week missed, I will do online crits/paintover for you guys.

Here is the breakdown:
Feb 25 - no class. (To compensate, I will do paintover/crit this week from Feb 27-Mar 3, so please post on the blog to receive this option)
Mar 4 - no class. This should be your polish week to bring your character to the best possible finish.
Mar 11 - Midterm/Intro to environment - For this class, please have your final character printed along with their supporting props (one for each character) and 1 page of the 3 final characters in a lineup. We will present these to the class and then move on to the environment section of the class.
Apr 8 - Final class (This is the one class extension past the original final date)

If you guys have any questions, please let me know. Thanks guys!

week 4 ENT1 character designs

Phil Cheng - Week 3

Didn't have much time to do the homework this week. Posting what I have.