Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Albert Absences

Hey Class,

I'm sorry to be disrupting the class schedule like this; especially since it is so important to me, but I have to take care of an emergency on the week of the 25th (2 weeks from now) that will conflict with class and I have to be out of town the following week.

Good news/Bad news - The 25th will be the day of your character midterm. Here are some options.

Please vote on what you guys would like to do:

A) Postpone class by 2 weeks - This will allow you guys to develop/polish your characters more. I can do paint overs if you post on the blog. Midterm will resume on March 11th.

B) Reschedule Saturday class to Saturday night or Sunday (I still need to see when are the available times at Brainstorm so it will not conflict with other classes). Postpone March 4th class to the following week.

C) Options A&B conflict with schedules and you guys would like for me to find a substitute teacher for both days.

Please respond in comments so I can make arrangements. Thank you.

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