Thursday, February 9, 2017

Clarifying the context

Hi Albert,

Here is another try of clarifying my concept.

I'm trying to redesign Wukong, Bull Demon king and the monk, Xuanzang, into a dieselpunk/steampunk world. I'm imagining if Wukong and Xuanzang are a group of out-law gangsters and the Bull Demon king is the force against them(like the head of another group of thugs, and they are both trying to dominant the city).

The Journey to the west was written 500 years ago, and I have seen many different reiterations of it. In my own version I just want to make it go crazier.

attached pictures include one original IP page, one reference page, and one of the examples of my sketches.Please let met know if I'm still making you confused.
Thank you!

original IP

example of my sketches

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  1. ah i see. So you want a more madmax version of monkey king with a bit of sci-fi tech. Is that correct?