Saturday, February 18, 2017

Class timeline update:

Hey class, so I was notified today that I cannot extend the class for two weeks. Again, i'm sorry for having to miss out on so many physical classes. Here is what I can do though. I can extend the class by 1 physical week, so we will end up doing that and for the other week missed, I will do online crits/paintover for you guys.

Here is the breakdown:
Feb 25 - no class. (To compensate, I will do paintover/crit this week from Feb 27-Mar 3, so please post on the blog to receive this option)
Mar 4 - no class. This should be your polish week to bring your character to the best possible finish.
Mar 11 - Midterm/Intro to environment - For this class, please have your final character printed along with their supporting props (one for each character) and 1 page of the 3 final characters in a lineup. We will present these to the class and then move on to the environment section of the class.
Apr 8 - Final class (This is the one class extension past the original final date)

If you guys have any questions, please let me know. Thanks guys!

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