Monday, February 6, 2017

Week 2 - Crits and Additional Notes

Great work from last week, everyone!
Here are some general crit notes for the people that presented!

- Think about the complimentary props for your characters
- Balance out the crazy v.s. simple for each of your characters; the doctor should be kept simple for the sake of design
- Presentation Issue: Name Tag missing!

- Define your personal definition of a robot in your project
- Research how it gets a heart
- Define the culture and society of your world you envision your characters in.
- Design some costume variations

- Silhouettes need to be more distinctive (all characters look the same)
- Do some style studies of Overwatch characters
- Figure out what ways they use tech
- Define your hero's power before getting deeper into the personality of your hero.

-Silhouettes need to be more distinctive (all characters look the same)
-Max should be designed very simple (not crazy)
-Figure out a primary energy source for your project

- Figure out the culture and society of your project (define something new that happened apart from the previous two installments)
- Never concern with statistical attributes of your characters; focus primarily on their personality and story
- Research more in-depth about post apocalyptic worlds as well as other games (Overwatch, League of Legends, other MOBA based games)

- Define the culture and society of your next installment of Diablo
- Research the gothic/victorian aesthetic. Give your project something new rather than something recycled.
- Figure out your new hero class; what makes it so interesting apart from the existing heroes of Diablo
- Research villains that have a similar concept for your support character (i.e. Danzo from Naruto)

- Vary your shapes with the silhouettes more; consider thinking about complimentary props that define your characters

- Play up the concept of new weapons and classes
- Silhouettes are not very distinctive; give them more uniqueness and variation
- Play up the personality more for your characters
- Research more! (Reference pages missing from your presentation)

- Clarify the context more for your characters
- The bull needs more clarity (i.e. Po from Kung Fu Panda)
- Exaggerate the functionality more!
- Try to stay grounded with the original IP
- Look up games or movies that also define the Monkey King (i.e. Wukong from League of Legends)

 - Conduct a formula for your characters; how much human and how much insect does your protagonist need to be (Recommended 80% human; 20% insect).

General tips to keep in mind for next time
1.) Adding details for the sake of detail isn't necessarily a best thing. Simplicity is often times the best method, especially for your heroic characters. As a general rule...
Protagonists = Usually simple, clean designs
Support = Usually organized, proper designs
Antagonists = Usually crazy, unorthodox designs
2.) Form follows function! This means the primary shape(s) (of silhouette) should reflect on its intended functionality of your characters.
3.) Always envision the world first before designing your characters. That comes with research and inspiration, but prioritizing that will allow you to ground your character designs more easy.
4.) If you feel your poses and details are off, utilize photobashing to repose and redesign your characters (Photoshop exists for that particular reason.)

Concerning Week 2, here are some examples from the past term.

As you design, think of the following...
- For a character or design focus on breaking the prop/character into keywords and solely focus on the keywords you chose.  It can help to pick a function of your character and exaggerate the function to design the character or prop.
-Push the initial graphic shapes of the silhouettes because you can always reign the shapes back in to be more tame.
-Focus on the variation of big, medium, small shapes in general.
-try to break the "human" silhouette with the various shapes and sizes, even if you character wears something simple like jeans and a t shirt exaggerate the proportions.
-Focus on with characters grouping the shapes

Lastly, final words of advice...
1.) Never be constrained in your silhouettes. You are allowed to modify the silhouette, so it stands out dynamically in terms of pose and personality.
2.) Props should never eclipse over a character. Props should only supplement the character's story and design. It helps to write the story of why a character is so reliant on a prop.
3.) Keep your designs loose. Do mind that you guys are still in the ideation phase, so try not to be a perfectionist. Establish the design in the most simplest and cleanest fashion.

Good luck guys!
Inspiration links:

Character Design links:

P.S.: There's been some concern in terms of where to print out your pages for homework. My apologies for not posting the locations last week.
1.) FedEx (Burbank)
250 E Olive Ave #102, Burbank, CA 91502
2.) FedEx (Pasadena)
855 E Colorado Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91101
3.) Staples (Burbank)
2080 W Empire Ave, Burbank, CA 91504

Any other locations are beyond my knowledge, so feel free to post if you found an effective print shop that worked well for you!

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