Saturday, February 4, 2017

Week 2 Homework

Hey class,

Here is the homework for this week.

Please choose 3 silhouettes for each character and do 5 different line drawing designs per silhouette. This will be a total of 15 line drawings designs per Character.

Your total for all 3 characters will be 45 (3x15=45) line drawings.

Take this opportunity to dive deeper into the character and figure out who he/she is. You can refine the silhouette a bit more if you'd like so don't feel too locked into the silhouette, but it should still be of the same origin. Example below:

In this example, I took one silhouette and did 3 line design variations. A helpful tip would be to break down and think about what are key words/attributes you would like to emphasize for each design. This will help you create that variety if you're stuck.

I want you guys to start designing props that would compliment your character (this should be something they use/rely on). Most of your character silhouettes already have examples of props/weapon they carry, so take that and do 10 line drawings per prop/per character. This should result in 10 prop line drawings per character for a total of 30. If you don't feel like your silhouettes are strong enough, then I would recommend that you refine the silhouette first and then do the 10 line designs for it.

Next week, we will be working in class and Aaron & I will come around working with you guys individually to talk about your project's progress. You will not need to post your work on the walls, but please have your work printed and prepare to have it drawn on top of it needed.  

Any questions/requests/concerns, please post it on this blog. Thanks class!

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