Sunday, February 12, 2017

Week 3 Additional Notes

Here are some examples for what the "refined" line drawings should ideally look like by Saturday...

Please mind the following...
1.) We expect to see the designs very deliberate and clear. We don't expect you to detail all the characters, but we do want to see that you applied the feedback received onto all the designs
2.) If you didn't finish the homework for this week, now is the time to catch up. Please do the best you can in terms of finding the right designs for all of the characters.
3.) It helps to do some call-outs so that it'll help you design very easily and clear to the audience (this is optional, not mandatory)

Remember, your homework is doing 9 variations of the 3 chosen character designs as well as 9 variations of the 3 chosen prop designs (TOTAL: 18 designs) Because there is a considerable amount of ground to cover, please use your time wisely to design very efficiently and deliberately. If you can't finish the required amount, please try to polish up your favorites as best as possible. 

We will be presenting on the upcoming Saturday, so remember to print them at appropriate sizes! Good luck!
UPDATE: Albert has decided to do another round of in-class counseling, so please bring whatever WIP's/In-Progress work you have for your project! 

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