Sunday, February 19, 2017

Week 4 HW (Midterm)

Hello everyone!

The above image is your homework for this week. However, the difference is that for this week only, you will post your work on the blog, so that Albert will be able to do proper critiques and paintovers for your characters and props. Treat this as taking an online class (i.e. CGMA). 

To clarify on the specifics of the homework...

- Final,tight line art only for both characters and props. You may do call-outs if necessary, but the whole design should simply speak for itself for visual clarity's sake.
- You are not required to color your characters nor do turnarounds either (in fact, having the line art alone is enough). However, if time permits, you may do so if necessary (examples below).
- The character line up should reflect the actual scale of each other, so please have the page dedicated for that.

Examples (Line Art only):

(Note that you do NOT have to do turnarounds. Only the front line art! If time permits, you may do so.)
(Color example)

(Character Line Up)

As always, please either post on the blog or message either me or Albert via FB or email if you have any questions/concerns about your project.

Good luck!

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