Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Class resumes. Midterm and moving onto Environment Design portion this week!

Please post your work on the blog by thursday night if you'd like feedback/crit for it. This saturday we will resume class with your Midterm and then changing gears to work on the environment portion of the class. 
This is an example of a cleaned up final right line drawing.

Your midterm will require you to do a greyscale of your character like this.

Repost from what Aaron wrote on what is expected from your Midterm:

1) Final,tight line art only for both characters and props. You may do call-outs if necessary, but the whole design should simply speak for itself for visual clarity's sake.
2) You are not required to color your characters nor do turnarounds either (in fact, having the line art alone is enough). However, if time permits, you may do so if necessary (examples below).
3) The character line up should reflect the actual scale of each other, so please have the page dedicated for that.
This is what is expected. Printed and posted on the walls before class starts. Your name tag should be above your work as well.         

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