Tuesday, March 28, 2017


HW for this week:
1) Start refining your 2 environments (1 interior and 1 exterior) thumbnails we talked about in class. Make them bigger and more detailed to fit into an 11x17 page each.
Interior Example

2) Start your 3/4 drawing of your interior scene. Remember to use basic blocks/cubes to plan things out and then detail after that.

3/4 view Example

3) Continue to do studies of props that would help you understand your subject matter more as well as props that could be used in your scene. 

Finish these as much as you can so we can crit and refine some more this upcoming week. 


Would you guys want to do another work in class day this saturday or present what you have in class and get feedback from your class?

Let me know. This upcoming week will be week 9, so our class is coming to an end!

Questions or concerns, let me know class.

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