Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Week 7 Crit Notes

I apologize for the late post everyone!

- Research actual spaceship interiors to get a better understanding for your environment
- Think of rest/save points in Borderlands
- What is the purpose of space travel?

- Hero V.S. Villain aspect
- Establish a circumstance of why Overwatch is at the giant hole
- Research oil refineries and platforms; think of different levels of the stage

- Rewatch the film and note the dramatic moments (ex. Cars starting up, Immortal Joe's Ascension, etc.)
- Research throne rooms to get a better understanding for your environment

- Cut down the amount of inspiration/influence (never get too caught up with the timeline of actual events); just simply follow what you envisioned.
- Establish the eye-catching hotspot for your environment

- Try to capture the dramatic moment in the environment (ex. soldiers approaching the booby-trapped area)
- Research military props (ex. black powder and artillery shells)
- Keep the exterior environment in an aerial camera angle to enhance storytelling (ex. traps set)

- Kitbash your sketches together to create interesting architectural designs
- Research some flora and fauna (ex. Weeds, Bushes, Fungi, Vines, etc.)
- Find some middle ground in terms of lab design believability (perhaps add the antagonist in the lab)
- Mind scale, space, and prop arrangement

- Think about scale (aka interactions between people in the market)
- Design an iconic scene in your exterior (ex. peasant town in a castle background)
- Research medieval German architecture; Google Rothenberg as your inspiration source)

For inspiration purposes, here are some very old concept design work for the Final Fantasy Games. Bear in mind they were only used for map layouts. but should give you some inspiration in terms of skill level and draftsmanship. Just Google "Final Fantasy 8/9 Concept Art" and you'll find these sources.

Good luck guys!

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Week 7 Homework

HW for this week.

1) Continue to do supplemental research we talked about in class - farther research for your specific IP whether it be style, rock/foliage, props, etc.

2) Design 10 (minimum) different props per scene (20 props total). The purpose of this is to help you figure things out for your environment so when you tackle the big scene, you'll have objects to populate the space with. The example below is a reminder that whatever the prop is, always start off with understanding the basic structure of the object (chair), draw it in its most primitive block out form and then have fun being creative with it with style. 

This is an example of a basic chair structure and how it can be interpreted in several different ways.

3) Based off of the ideas of what your environments will be after today's class. Draw 10 (minimum)  thumbnails for each scene (10 Interior + 10 exterior = 20 total). Think about the best angle and view to describe your scene. You can definitely use your study layouts (or do new ones) from last week's HW to get a jump start.

4) When all is done.  Choose your 4 best thumbnails (2 interior and 2 exterior ones), enlarge and clean them up. I want you to print both thumbs from each scene onto 1 page at 50% opacity for us to discuss next week.  Be ready to talk about why you chose that thumbnail for your scene and what you wanted to design so we can critique it appropriately.

Next week we will be working in class. Please have your sketches, new research and this week's research ready to discuss with me as well as print outs of your 4 favorite thumbs and props for me to draw/crit over. Please be prepared and get to class on time so we have more time together on your project.

For those who did not make it to class - please post your work on the blog to receive feedback.

See you next week class.